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Located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, Natural Element Homes is a family owned and operated business. They design, supply, and build extraordinary log & timber homes, collaborating with building consultants across the country to construct the highest quality timber frame, log, and hybrid homes. Their corporate staff has been designing, manufacturing, and building log and timber homes for several decades.


Natural Element Homes has a nationwide network of Builders and Building Consultants who help to bring their beautiful custom home plans to life. As a Building Consultant, Dutch Legacy Homes will have access to their architectural designs and quality log and timber materials in order to construct authentic log and timber homes in the Northeast Ohio region. 

Natural Element Homes is Committed To:

• Innovation and Cutting-Edge Building Methods

• Strong Support of Local Building Consultants and Builders

• Quality, Not Quantity of Business

• Customer Satisfaction

• Sustainability

As a Building Consultant for Natural Element Homes, Dutch Legacy Homes is proud to commit to these standards in order to provide clients with the best experience possible in building their dream home.

Visit the Natural Element Homes website to browse floor plans, view photos, & more!


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